A fun and educational game to help kids shape letters, learn the sounds and spell words. Developed by Gro Play.

You can get a free version of the game on iOS and Android.

Below are concepts and finished assets I helped make as well as some UI/UX elements, storyboards and finished components in-game. The game is not released yet hence a few things is missing here.
Environment design
The room act as a hub between the mini games with animated characters and interactive objects.
The final design of the room.
We made another room to act as a main menu for content that wasn't part of the gameplay.
Final design of main menu.
Key assets
One of the more involved parts of the game was the word machine, it needed to be able to do many different tasks and still be intuitive. Proud to say it turned out to be a well-oiled machine.
Final design of the word machine.
An interactive flowchart describing the UX of the game.