Jonas as I like to call myself is an artist based in Sweden with experience in comics, video games and illustration. I studied video game graphics and design at Futuregames and Forsbergs Skola in Stockholm. At the moment I'm working on the webcomic Plantland: Last & First whilst also developing games under my own name and with other people as a coder, artist and designer.
Send some text to if you wanna talk business, projects or collaborations. You can download my resumé here.
Past projects include:
Illustration in Indie Game Zine #1 sold on Fangamer
Short story in Uncle Grandpa #2 by BOOM Studios
Illustration in the Pokémon fanbook Pokémon Traveller
Artist on an educational Alfie Atkins game with Gro Play
Poster for Webbhallen/Musikhjälpens charity stream 2017
Icons & vignettes for the games publisher Next2Indies
Writing and illustrating the graphic novel Empty Planet